Please share and keep your eyes open. She may be in or around Eugene, Oregon. Shadow is a 1 yr. old Husky who was STOLEN from the Poca River Rd. area in Poca, WV on 10/28/13. A visitor at the residence was leaving WV to go back home to Oregon the same time that Shadow disappeared while the owner was at work. She has an AVID microchip. There is a REWARD for her safe return. She is loved and missed terribly! Please share her page so that we can bring her home! Thank you so very much! PhotosThis is My Shadow. Shadow is a Siberian Husky Female (Fixed) Two sky blue eyes She is white and gray some black on her too. The black hair on her back wiggles up it like a black snake. She has a pin in her right rear leg. She has a Avid microchip in her. There is a nice REWARD no question asked for her safe return. She was last seen by me in my house on 10/28/13 at 7AM in Poca WV When I came home she was gone VANISH not one person around here seen her. She would not of ran off I know this. She has a doggie door that lead out to a pen that is 6' high it was pulled away from the house 18 + inches. Someone has her. Its been 20 days now and no one has seen her. I have meet a lot of husky around here.almost every lead I have had I found one.If you have her please take the REWARD and bring her back to me. she is my world I miss her and would love to have her back today. To My Shadow if you can get away run someone will see you and help you get home. Love you Dad

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: Please share and keep your eyes open. She may be in or around Eugene, Oregon….