BrightSide Animal Center Thrift Store

Donation Guidelines

Donation Line:  541-504-0101

March 13, 2017


The BrightSide Animal Center Thrift Store accepts your donations and the revenue from the sale of those donations to help fund the many services and resources we provide to the animals that come into our shelter.  BrightSide is a high-save shelter focused on reducing pet homelessness and euthanasia, through adoption placement, foster care and spay and neuter services.  Each animal that enters through our back receiving door deserves the chance to leave through our front door with a secure future.  We gratefully accept gently used donations that can be sold in our store to support our mission.


All donations to the BrightSide Animal Center Thrift Store are tax deductable.  Simply ask for a receipt and we will gladly provide one.  If donating durable goods, we recommend that you create an itemized list of everything you are donating.  Employees at the store are not able to do so.  Rather, they will give you a receipt that verifies you donated items (IRS guidelines are available at: ).  Staple the receipt you receive from us to your own itemized list and retain for tax reporting purposes.


Donations can be made at our retail store at 838 NW 5th St, Redmond OR 97756.  Please come through the donation gate on the north side of the store and a donation associate will assist you with the donation process.  We accept donations 6 days a week check our website for current hours as our hours do change seasonally (  We are closed for donations on Wednesdays.  We provide a free pick-up of large items or large quantities of items (we do not pick up remnants of rummage sales or garage sales, unless there is a significant quantity of items we do accept and items are boxed and/or bagged).  Call us at 541-504-0101 to schedule a pick-up.


Items We CAN Accept:

  • Clothing of any type
  • Books, Records, CD’s (No Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Textbooks or Readers Digests)
  • Furniture (Must be in good condition.  No water damage, severe cosmetic damage to wooden items, no rips, stains, tears, or structural damage.  We are unable to take disassembled pressed wood items.)
  • Collectibles
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques/Vintage Items
  • Shoes & Accessories (Handbags, Ties, Belts, Scarves, etc)
  • Household items (Dishes, Housewares, Kick-Knacks, etc. Must be clean and undamaged)
  • Linens (Sheets, Towels, Blankets, etc)
  • Small Electrical Items (TV’s, Radios, Clocks, Lamps, etc.  They must be in good working order.  TV’s cannot be older than 5 years)
  • Hand Tools/Small Power Tools  Must have working battery and/or power cord
  • Piano’s (Accepted on an individual basis based on current inventory – speak to a manager)
  • Computers, Laptops, and other electronic items.  All personal information should be wiped as well as passwords removed (CRT monitors will not be accepted because of the toxic material content and need to be taken to the Negus Transfer Station).
  • Large Household Appliances.  Items such as Stoves, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, and Air Conditioners, etc.  They must be in proper working order, clean, rust free and have a power cord.  We cannot accept any gas appliances or built in items.
  • Mattresses and Box Springs The BrightSide Animal Center Thrift Store will accept mattresses without tears, stains, holes, or structural damage based on our current inventory (speak to a manager).
  • Medical Equipment  We can take walkers, crutches, wheel chairs and electric scooters
  • Upholstered Items  We cannot accept items that are torn, soiled, stained, excessively worn, pet damaged or structurally unstable.  We do not repair or clean items and can only offer for sale in the stores clean and useable items.
  • Exercise Equipment Bicycles, Treadmills, Sporting Goods, etc. If in good shape and new models.  These must be evaluated on an individual basis.  We cannot accept NordicTrack Ski machines.
  • Vehicles – we have contracted with a service to take all vehicle donations.  They will take all vehicles, running or not, with or without a title.  Call 877-411-3662 for a free pick up.



Items We CANNOT Accept:


All donations that BrightSide Animal Center Thrift Store can sell in its store are greatly appreciated.  However, when we receive items that cannot be used, we must pay to dispose or recycle them.  That raises our expenses and reduces the resources that we have available to fund the programs and services we provide to the animals in our care.  Please dispose of the items listed below through an alternative responsible resource, such as your local recycling center:


  • Gas appliances
  • Appliances that are rusted or missing the power cord, gas appliances
  • Large console style TV’s and Stereos
  • TV’s older than 5 years
  • Office equipment such as CRT monitors and desktop printers
  • Built in appliances
  • Building materials
  • Automobile parts such as tires, wheels, batteries, seats, body parts and engines
  • Paint or chemicals of any kind
  • Frequently Recalled Items:  such as toys, infant furniture and car seats.
  • Weapons such as guns and ammunition
  • Remnants of rummage or garage sales
  • Medical Equipment such as adjustable beds and oxygen machines – check with an associate.


This list is to be used as a guideline.  There are many items we can use in the store that are not on the list.  There may be other items in which we will need to turn down due to size, condition or suitability.  For more information, please contact the store at 541-504-0101.