BrightSide isn't just about cats and dogs. Check out our bunnies.Maybe you aren’t looking for a dog or cat to add to your family, but somebody smaller… Have you thought about a bunny? Rabbits are known to be easy to train to use litter boxes, are meticulously clean, and can learn to love to sit in your lap. They are herbivores that like to be fed a combination of hay, high quality pellets, and fresh vegetables. With room to exercise and lots of interaction, rabbits can make wonderful pets. Here at BrightSide we currently have quite a few bunnies available for adoption with more always arriving. From long lop ears to small fluffies, we have lots of choices for you to choose from. Come on into the shelter and we can help you pick out which one might be right for you. And if you decide that maybe a bunny doesn’t fit your family we have guinea pigs, rats, and more always looking for homes as well!