Here at Brightside, we a proud of our high save rate and placement numbers.  We work hard to get all of the dogs that come through our doors into new, loving forever homes, and we successfully placed 686 last year.

As you can imagine, the wear and tear on our outdoor kennels is continuous, and it is time for us to put in new kennels that will keep our dogs safe, will be easier to clean, and will prevent digging or injury.  Our new kennels will have a concrete floor, rather than gravel, making them easier to hose off and scrub.  They will have AKC-approved kennel enclosures, avoiding the common separation of chain link from metal posts, which can lead to scrapes or lacerations.  We will be installing new lighting and other improvements to make the kennels more comfortable for our dogs.

BrightSide's often-repaired outdoor dog kennels need to be replaced.

BrightSide’s often-repaired outdoor dog kennels need to be replaced.

This project is so important, but also expensive.  This is where we could use YOUR help.  We have the following levels of sponsorship, but NO amount is too small – every dollar helps us get to our goal of $100,000.  Please help us get there – our dogs thank you!

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