CATS OF THE WEEK! FRICK and FRACK – our semi-dynamic duo of black beauties. Lovable Frick, and his cute little friend, Frack, were surrendered to us when their owner was no longer able to care for them. We would really like to find them another home where they could stay together. They are both shorthaired, black kitties, around 2 years old. They are not litter mates, but have been best friends for several months. They have lived totally indoors with adults only, but would be fine in a family home with children and other pets. Frick may eventually enjoy going outside in a safe environment, but Frack is a bit too timid and should stay indoors. These two make a great pair. Frick is the dynamic boy – he is very social, playful, inquisitive, and loves attention. He will follow you around and hop on your lap for some TLC when you have a minute to relax. Frack is a bit shy and more reserved – she will wait until things get quiet and then seek you out for some snuggle time. Frack will take a little more time to settle in to a new home and should start out in a quiet place. Frick will immediately make himself at home and go exploring while he waits for his next meal to be served. So if life is a bit dreary these days and you need a couple of adorable and affectionate kitties to liven up your home please come in and meet our Frick and Frack. It could just be the happiest decision you have ever made. Frack is on the left and Frick on the right ~ such cuties!

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: CATS OF THE WEEK!

FRICK and FRACK – our semi-dynamic duo of black beauties.