Pet Care Provisions

With our pet care provision, you can have the peace of mind of knowing your puppy, adult dog, cat or other pet will be cared for if he or she outlives you.

Our Program

We all love our animals and provide them with the care and nurturing they deserve. If your dog, cat, rabbit or other small animal should outlive you, or if you can no longer provide for your pet due to illness or incapacitation, we can provide for your pet and find him or her a loving new home. Our program offers:


  • Continuing care in your absence.
  • Adoption to a loving new home.

If you wish to provide for your animals when you are no longer able to care for them, call us or make an appointment, and we can together develop a plan that meets your needs and theirs. A provision in your will or estate plan of a planned gift to BrightSide for the care and adoption of your pets will guarantee their safety in your absence and long full lives.