Become a Foster Parent

Join BrightSide Animal Center’s volunteer foster and fospice (foster hospice) program and experience how you can make an immediate and lasting impact on an animal!

For more information, please email [email protected]. Please completed foster application below.

Our Foster Program

Each year hundreds of vulnerable and displaced animals come to BrightSide that need time and a safe place outside the shelter to get ready for adoption. Offering your home and support to help these animals as part of our Foster Program is very important. Your care and nurturing helps assure that the animals are healthy, well-socialized and ready for their permanent new homes.


Case Study

Underage puppies and kittens, older cats and dogs, those that are under-socialized or recovering from illness or injury are the ones who benefit most from this TLC. Teddy was one of these lucky ones. Watch his video story.

What You Should Know Before Fostering an Animal

One of the first questions many of those considering fostering ask is, “Will I become too attached to my foster animals and want to keep them all?” Remember, you are doing an important thing by giving animals a chance at a happy life and the adoption staff does an excellent job at finding great homes. Even if you can only foster one time, you are still doing a wonderful thing by helping animals in need.

When the need for a foster arises, we try to match the animal(s) with a suitable foster home, and will try to match you with suitable animals according to your interests and availability. A contact for help and guidance is available during most business hours. Medical support is provided at the shelter. Some food and other supplies are available. Any materials you can provide help offset the cost and are greatly appreciated.

Applications are available at the front desk at BrightSide’s shelter, 1355 NE Hemlock Ave. in Redmond. Or click the button to download one. Then email to [email protected].

Fostering may be for you if you can answer Yes to two or more of the following questions:

  • Do you love animals?
  • Do you have extra space in your home and extra time in your schedule?
  • Do you have prior pet-care experience?
  • Are you between pets or thinking of adopting in the future?
  • Are you a frequent traveler who can’t commit to long-term pet ownership?

Being a foster caregiver means learning all you can about pet care, cooperating and supporting the shelter, recognizing your own limitations and what you can provide. It also means that aiding helpless and unwanted animals until they find their new permanent homes can be incredibly rewarding.