Bright Beginnings

A cat who lost his leg finds a home with a human who’s been there, too

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Hans and three-legged cat Christian were adopted from BrightSide Animal Center by an amputee.What a story! This couple was here visiting all the way from Tennessee. They had been looking for a bonded pair of cats for quite some time and heard we had some. When they came in to meet Hans and Christian, we explained that Christian was a tri-pod and lost one of his legs as a kitten. That’s when Greg’s face lit up. He pulled up his pant leg to show us he, too, was an amputee! We all got goosebumps and knew this adoption was meant to be! The new couple drove straight to the store to set up a kitty condo in the back of their car, cut their trip short, and the new family of four were headed back to live the dream life on a farm in Tennessee!

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