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Chance says, Thank you, friends! I loved my party.

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Update, March 29, 2015: Thank you to all of you who turned out Saturday for our Celebrate Chance party. He enjoyed meeting you. And so did we!

Ever the ham, Chance enjoys a belly rub at the party honoring him. Photo by Lindsey Bivens / BrightSide Animal Center.

Ever the ham, Chance enjoys a belly rub at the party honoring him. Photo by Lindsey Bivens / BrightSide Animal Center.

Look what a good time he had! View the video shot by KTVZ-TV.

Update, March 12, 2015: Back in January 2014, we at BrightSide rejoiced when Chance, the severely injured pit bull we had nursed back to health, was well enough to go to his forever home with our dog trainer Judy Anderson. It was because of you, our donors and supporters, that we were able to provide the life-saving care Chance needed. So many of the donors who contributed to his care wanted to meet him, but we didn’t think it was the right thing for him at the time.
Now that he is strong, vigorous, healthy and happy, we ARE inviting his supporters and well-wishers to meet him. Our Celebrate Chance Party is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 1-5 p.m. at our shelter, 1355 NE Hemlock Ave. in Redmond. We’ll serve refreshments and offer photos, drawings and raffles, too. Join us!
And thank you again for being there for animals in need.

Update, Jan. 31, 2014: The day we all have been waiting for is here! Chance has found his forever home.

Judy Anderson, BrightSide's dog trainer, is Chance's new owner. Photo by Jerry Boysen.

Judy Anderson, BrightSide’s dog trainer, is Chance’s new owner. Photo by Jerry Boysen.

Judy Anderson of Bend was selected from the applicants to adopt Chance, BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld announced today.
Anderson, BrightSide’s dog trainer, has been fostering Chance in her home for the past two months. Although some other applicants also offered good homes for Chance, Bauersfeld felt Chance would do best in an environment where he already feels safe, secure, and loved.
“Judy and her family will give Chance a great home,” Bauersfeld said. “And Judy will also give him a job.”
Chance is a balanced, happy dog, and Anderson will use him to help train other dogs, especially strong breeds like pit bulls, how to be balanced as well.
Chance gives his new owner Judy a big kiss. Photo by Jerry Boysen.

Chance gives his new owner Judy a big kiss. Photo by Jerry Boysen.

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to adopt Chance, who holds a special place in my heart and I know in the hearts of many others,” Anderson said. “I will always remember the day he arrived at the shelter with his horrific injuries. Seeing him now, so happy and healthy, is incredible.
“I want to thank the many heroes who contributed to saving Chance: his initial roadside-rescuers, the fast-acting and generous donors who funded his medical recovery, and the Brightside staff who took such great care of him. I especially would like to thank executive director Chris Bauersfield, and veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Byrd, who never gave up and worked so hard to save Chance’s life.”

This portrait of Chance was created by artist Mindy Sue Werth.Update, Jan. 30: Many people around the world have touched our hearts with their donations for Chance. But none more so than Mindy Sue Werth of Bend, OR. Mindy is a talented artist whose projects include pet portraits (see more about her portraits at www.msworiginals.com or facebook.com/MswOriginalArtAndIllustrations). She created this portrait of Chance and donated it to the shelter, where we will hang it with pride and gratitude. If you would like to purchase a print, click here. Thank you, Mindy!

Nearly six months after he was found near death on a roadside, Chance now is ready to be adopted.

Nearly six months after he was found near death on a roadside, Chance now is ready to be adopted.

Update, Jan. 17: The story of Chance, the severely injured pit bull mix who was found by a roadside in Terrebonne near death last July, will have a happy ending. Chance now is ready to be adopted.
“We had hoped that Chance would be in his new home by Christmas,” said Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld. “But as we’ve said from the beginning, he would be released for adoption only when his medical condition warranted. That time is finally here.”
At the time he arrived it was uncertain whether Chance could survive. He has undergone numerous procedures with BrightSide’s veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Byrd, countless bandage changes, and a long course of medications to combat infection and pain. Today, all that is behind him.
Chance has been fostered by the shelter’s trainer, who is applying to adopt him. While we view this as a wonderful home for Chance, we will also be taking applications from the public. Should another home be deemed better for Chance, we will adopt him to that home.
Chance relaxes with BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld.

Chance relaxes with BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld.

“The procedure for adopting Chance will be the same as for any other dog,” Bauersfeld said. “We work hard to find the best possible forever home for every animal.”
All would-be adopters must complete BrightSide’s dog adoption application.
Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to
[email protected]
, or delivered to the shelter at 1355 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond. The application deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24. No applications will be accepted over the phone.

Chance greets visitors at the front desk back in October 2013 when he still  wore a T-shirt to prevent him from scratching his healing wounds.

Chance greets visitors at the front desk back in October 2013 when he still wore a T-shirt to prevent him from scratching his healing wounds.

BrightSide’s adoption coordinators will evaluate the applications received and contact the applicant(s) they think would be the best match for Chance. Their recommendation will be based solely on what they believe is the best fit for Chance. Whether an applicant is a BrightSide contributor will have no bearing on the decision. Bauersfeld has final authority over Chance’s adoption.
“Chance has been through a lot,” Bauersfeld said. “Yet he is an amazingly happy dog. He deserves the best possible home, and that is what we will find for him.”

Chance on KTVZ-TV Dec. 5, 2013Update, Dec. 6: Chance was featured on KTVZ-TV (Bend, OR) yesterday, and our executive director Chris Bauersfeld was interviewed about his progress. All but one of his wounds now is healed, so he will be ready to be adopted soon — hopefully in time for Christmas!

Update, Nov. 26: It’s been a long road, but now Chance is nearly ready for adoption. His wounds are almost entirely healed. In this article published today in The Bulletin, executive director Chris Bauersfeld describes Chance’s gradual return to health and the bright future that we hope awaits him this holiday season.
Don’t miss the video, below:

Update, Nov. 11: Chance continues to gain strength on the road to complete recovery. He enjoyed a romp in the country this past weekend.

Update, Nov. 11: Chance continues to gain strength on the road to complete recovery. He enjoyed a romp in the country this past weekend.

Chance enjoys a walk on a beautiful fall day.

Chance enjoys a walk on a beautiful fall day.

Update, Oct. 26: Chance thinks he’s the official shelter greeter … he loves greeting people as they come in. He continues improvement and muscle-building. He’s enjoying walks and now can jump in and out of a car on his own. Chance’s appetite is excellent and he’s a happy boy, healing more every day.

Chance greets a visitor in the reception area at BrightSide Animal Center.

Chance greets a visitor in the reception area at BrightSide Animal Center.

Update, Oct. 15: Chance is gaining stamina and muscle tone. His recovery involves not just healing his horrible wounds but rebuilding the muscle mass he had before he was injured. Last weekend he took a two-hour hike with executive director Chris Bauersfeld and four other dogs. He was tired! But he now takes a long walk every day. He no longer needs pain medication, Bauersfeld reports, but is still on antibiotics. His skin gradually is healing but he still requires bandage changes every few days. His spirits are bright and he wags his tail with gusto. He spends most of his time in the shelter’s reception area and frequently checks on the guinea pig in its cage. His healing skin is itchy, so he wears a T-shirt to protect his skin from his scratching.

Sometimes Chance will actually pose for a picture. He's modeling his new fleece coat from Ruffwear. Copyright, Kim M. Kehoe, 2013.

Copyright, Kim M. Kehoe, 2013.

Update, Oct. 5: This week Chance visited the good folks at Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear in Bend. He came home with a warm fleece coat to protect his healing flanks and booties for his paws. Look how stylin’ he is! View the video on our Facebook page.
Update, Sept. 27: Although he still has bandages and needs medical care, Chance’s health continues to improve, enabling him to feel more like a normal dog. In this video below, he’s romping off-leash out in the country with BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld.

Chance enjoys a toy bone. Photo by Kim Kehoe.

Chance enjoys a toy bone. Photo by Kim Kehoe.

Update, Sept. 25: Chance enjoyed a toy bone today. Doesn’t he look happy? He’s improved enough that many of his wounds no longer need bandages (T-shirt keeps them covered).

Update, Sept. 12: Chance is improving mentally as well as physically. In this video shot today, he’s playful and happy. See how vigorously he wags his tail!

Chance relaxes in the sun, collarless, at the home of Chris Bauersfeld on Sunday  morning.

Chance relaxes in the sun, collarless, at the home of Chris Bauersfeld on Sunday morning.

Update, Sept. 9: Chance continues to recover well, BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld reports. He no longer has to have his paws bandaged. Chance is able to have periods of time when he doesn’t have to wear any of the Elizabethan collars or doughnuts.
“I do have to watch him for bothering his wraps, as he is quite itchy,” Bauersfeld said Sunday. “But overall, he is progressing very well. He got to chew on a rawhide bone for a little while today, which was a first for him. He is still on antibiotics and some mild pain medication.”

Chance takes a walk on Aug. 29.

Chance takes a walk on Aug. 29.

Update, Aug. 30: Chance continues to exceed expectations for his recovery, executive director Chris Bauersfeld said yesterday. “He is doing well. He now insists upon visiting everyone in the shelter when we arrive in the mornings. He sniffs the bunnies that are available for adoption, cautiously checks out the cats, and greets all of the staff and volunteers. He especially loves it if someone will scratch him, as he is in the itchy phase of healing on several spots.”
“He likes to spend time lying in the sun while I work in the yard,” said Bauersfeld, who takes Chance home with her in the evening and on weekends so he has constant care. “He loves to go for short walks and actually can trot along for a short period of time. He still has to wear the Elizabethan collar as he still wants to pull at his bandages.”
At BrightSide we’re grateful for the support for Chance and for our mission, from our own community in Central Oregon and from others around the world. Thank you!

Update, Aug. 25: Chance was featured in this article and video on ktvz.com. BrightSide Executive Director reports on Chance’s progress and his future.

Update, Aug. 21: Today The Bulletin published an update on Chance, quoting Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld on Chance’s availability for adoption, along with a new video.

Chance continues to fare better than expected at BrightSide Animal Center. Photo copyright Kim Kehoe 2013.

Copyright, Kim Kehoe, 2013

Update, Aug. 16: Chance is continuing to do better than our veterinarian Dr. Byrd had expected at this stage of his recovery, BrightSide executive director Chris Bauersfeld reported. He doesn’t have to have any bandages on his hind legs or paws anymore. His hind pads are still tender, but are toughening up daily. He still is facing bandage changes two to three times weekly on his front paws, legs, shoulders, chest and flanks. He is enjoying brief walks now. His appetite remains good and he is in good spirits.

Chance the injured pit bull models the blanket he received from Stop Animal Cruelty Worldwide.

Update, Aug. 15: Here’s Chance enjoying the blanket he recently received from the good folks at Stop Animal Cruelty Worldwide. Thank you!
Because of the generous donations for Chance from groups and individuals around the world, BrightSide has been able to take on the enormous expense of providing life-saving medical treatment for him without diverting resources from the many other adoptable dogs, cats and other animals we care for daily. Our commitment to the high-save philosophy is what drives us to save Chance, and every other dog brought to us. We have been successful in doing that in 98% of cases, one of the highest save rates of any shelter in the country. We do it by nursing animals with solvable medical issues, and by providing hospice foster care to those who can’t be cured but who still enjoy a good quality of life. Our volunteers give them loving care in their homes, just like the volunteers who foster kittens and puppies until they are old enough to be adopted.
We do it by training our dogs; and by providing not only basic health care and housing, but also enrichment to keep them healthy psychologically such as play time, daily walks, lap-sitting or even sponsored visits to doggie day care.

Update, Wednesday, Aug. 7: Chance is progressing better than anticipated. He was due for fresh bandages today and has been eating, drinking and eliminating normally. Thank you for your donations and prayers!

Update, Friday Aug. 2: Chance is continuing to improve, walking a bit every day now. Yesterday The Bulletin came to the shelter to check on his progress. Read the article (free to all readers), published today. In this wonderful Bulletin video below, executive director Chris Bauersfeld talks about Chance’s progress and how he likes to stop and smell the flowers!

Update, Wednesday July 31: Chance did well overnight. Yesterday he unraveled one of his bandages, so he is now wearing a “doughnut” to prevent him from chewing bandages.

Chance wears a doughnut to prevent him from chewing at bandages.

Chance wears a doughnut to prevent him from chewing at bandages.

“He’s not too happy about that,” executive director Chris Bauersfeld said this morning, “but he’s eating, drinking, and doing well.
“We’re worried about infection,” but he’s being treated for that and so far is doing well. “It will be a long slog,” Bausersfeld said. “But I would say that maybe he’s on the plus side of recovery.”
Chance will need one to two procedures under anesthesia per week on an ongoing basis. She estimated his treatment would need to continue for another six months or more. But if infection can be kept at bay, his odds seem to be improving.
We will continue to update this page as we have more news, but his recovery is reaching the point where we may no longer have significant changes to report on a daily basis.
Thank you all for your support!

Update, Tuesday July 30:Chance did well with his four-hour procedure yesterday. He is up eating and drinking and wagging his tail. He is facing another procedure today. We are in for months of work with him. But his vigorously thumping tail makes us all smile.

Update, Monday July 29: Chance had a four-hour surgical procedure today and now has awakened from that. He had no breakfast this morning because of the surgery, but he was able to walk a bit again this morning, this time under his own power. “He’s holding his own and seems in good spirits,” said Chris Bauersfeld, BrightSide’s executive director. This video taken Monday morning shows him walking to his surgery appointment.

Update, Sunday July 28: Chance had a much better afternoon and evening Saturday than he did
Friday, BrightSide executive director Chris Bauersfeld said today. Dr.
Cheryl Byrd has decided to delay until tomorrow the procedure planned for
today because of the rough day and night that Chance had Friday.

“Chance continues to eat and drink on his own and to eliminate on his
own,” Bauersfeld said. “He stood for a longer time this morning. In
fact, he was standing up and indicating that he wanted to go outside after
I had settled him in for the morning. So I helped him out and we took a
short 20-foot walk and then he just stood there with his head tilted into
the wind and the sun on his face for awhile, enjoying his time outside.
Then we walked back in and settled down for a quiet morning.”

Chance can’t walk for any distance on his own yet and has to be supported
by a person holding a towel under his midsection and bearing most of his
weight, due to the injuries on his feet and legs.

Update, Saturday July 27: Chance had another lengthy procedure yesterday, is doing as well as can be expected this soon in his recovery period, executive director Chris Bauersfeld reported this morning. He had a restless night, and we have increased his pain medication today. He is scheduled for another procedure on Sunday. He is still eating and drinking and going to the bathroom on his own.

On Tuesday, July 23, BrightSide took in a severely injured male pit bull whom shelter employees have named Chance. His injuries affect two-thirds of his body and it’s uncertain whether he will survive. Today Chance is undergoing another extensive medical procedure. This morning he was able to eat and drink, and to stand up.
“Chance’s condition has improved somewhat,” BrightSide Executive Director Chris Bauersfeld said Friday morning. “But he is not out of the woods yet.”
Chance will have another long procedure under anesthesia today, and faces months of treatment and recovery time if he survives.

Dr. Byrd attends to Chance

Dr. Byrd attends to Chance

BrightSide is grateful for the contributions that have been received from our Central Oregon community and from donors across the country and even as far away as the United Kingdom, Australia and Russia to offset the costs of Chance’s medical care. If you want to contribute, please visit our contributions page.

Yesterday the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office issued a release on their investigation, and concluded Chance’s injuries were the result of an accident. BrightSide won’t have any comment on the investigation, as our responsibility is limited to caring for Chance medically, as we have been doing and will continue to do.
Watch this space for further updates on Chance, or visit our Facebook page.

Chance resting as comfortably as possible

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