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Colby and His Princess. He was found at Fireman’s Pond and wouldn’t let anyone…

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Colby and His Princess. He was found at Fireman's Pond and wouldn't let anyone touch him. This pitbull mix was scared, alone and didn't trust anyone enough to let them near him. It would take two days and police intervention to finally get this 4 year old to BrightSide. Colby was a dog unlike any we had ever seen. His power was massive. He could pick up heavy bricks like they were toys and throw them around. Colby's eyes, when he walked in a room, where intimidating. You didn't know what to expect with this pitbull. The energy he possessed was a speeding freight train, but this train was on a collision course and we immediately knew we had to try to help him before something bad happened. Our trainers, doctors, staff and volunteers worked with Colby to try to calm this energetic giant. There had to be a way to get to the heart of this dog. As much as we tried, there were only little successes here and there but we weren't seeing the big steps we were hoping for. Then we hired Colby's princess by the name of Chandra. As one of our kennel staff, Chandra immediately started working with all of the dogs which included Colby. Chandra watched how Colby naturally acted in his many ways and learned to work with him, showing him that the world wasn't against him. She never backed down from Colby, letting him know that he had met his match and he didn't need to act like a tough guy around her. We soon saw even more little steps from him that were all due to Chandra. Colby was growing into a dog that no longer was this intimidating pitbull that could clear a room with one look. And then, Chandra did what none of us could…. she took Colby into her home to foster. The bond between Chandra and Colby only grew and he kept working on his training with the help of Chandra's dog! Colby was being put in his place and would know when to act like a calm gentleman. He still thinks that basketballs are the best toy a dog could ever have but he is a completely different dog. Chandra has shown that, with training, Colby is now a gentle giant that now comes up to anyone and loves to say hi. The love in his eyes for Chandra is apparent anytime she walks in the room, but the life she has given him will forever be with him as he eventually finds his forever home. Not only has Chandra changed Colby's life completely, but Colby has helped show Chandra that she is going to make a wonderful dog trainer…. starting right here at BrightSide. Colby has continued to flourish while he stays in foster care with Chandra, and he is currently available for adoption. If you are looking for an amazing dog, with some outstanding training, that is ready for his forever home please consider Colby. This guy has been through so much and because of the willingness of one of our staff members to spend so much time with him, he now has a second chance to enjoy life. If you are interested in Colby please give us a call at 541-923-0882 and talk with Rose or Kara.

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: Colby and His Princess.

He was found at Fireman's Pond and wouldn't let anyone…

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