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It’s a MEW year, and we are loving on all our cats during the month of January!

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Buzz the cat

BUZZ is today’s featured cat! All month long, all adult cats are 25% off, and each day we will pick a cat to feature – and that sweet feline will be 50% off on its featured day!

Buzz is BrightSide’s famous “pregnant” male cat. Just kidding…of course he isn’t pregnant. But we are asked multiple times per day if “she” is pregnant.

Buzz is a little chunkier than he should be but he stays active by following his favorite staff and volunteers around the shelter for pets and attention. Buzz is pretty friendly and pretty needy…he always wants to brushed and interacted with. He will let you know that he should be the center of your attention by meowing at your feet. However he might be slow to warm up to new faces. It took Buzz several months to adjust to the shelter and come out of his shell.

He’s got beautiful blue eyes and a darling face. Buzz would love a single person or two that have a lot of time to devote to doting on him! He seems to do fine around other cats but may be overwhelmed by energetic dogs. We are also recommending a home without young children.

Today is NaMEOWste cat yoga, so not only can you come see Buzz, you can do some stretching (or napping, if that’s more your pace) with him during the class!

Come meet Buzz – his adoption fee is only $20 today!

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