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    Adoption Questions

    1. Please tell us the name, address and telephone number of your current veterinarian or the one you plan to work with should your adoption application be approved. *

    2. Do you currently own any animals? If yes, please tell us about them. We would like to know their age, gender, breed, size and general temperament towards other animals. *

    3. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages and genders? Do you feel as though they are respectful of animals; are you willing to make sure that your children and your animals respect each other? *

    4. Do you own your own home? *

    5. If not, please give us the name and telephone number of the homeowner/land lord.

    6. Do you have a fenced yard? *

    7. How large is your yard? How high is your fence? *

    8. How many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

    When you are not home, where will the dog be (outside in pen, outside in yard, inside free, inside enclosed in an area, or inside in a crate?) *

    9. What are the driving forces behind your decision to adopt a dog now? *

    10. Why have you decided on the dog that you have applied for? *

    11. If you have previously owned dogs, please tell us about them, and their current status (passed on, lost, given away, stolen, etc.) *

    12. Please do your best to describe the lifestyle of your family in regards to this dog fitting into your home; and how much time per week do you plan on spending with your dog/dogs? *

    13. Do you travel often? If so, what do you plan on doing with your dog while you travel? *

    14. Who do you believe will be mostly responsible for the care of the dog? *

    15. Please tell us how much training you have time to spend with your dog. Do you plan on taking your dog to puppy classes or obedience? *

    16. Will your new dog or puppy be allowed on the furniture or beds? *

    17. Where and how will the dog be exercised each day? Where would he/she sleep? *

    18. How do you plan on disciplining your new dog or pup? *

    19. Beyond the adoption fee, what other expenses might any dog owner expect to have? *

    20. How much do you plan to spend on veterinary care each year? *

    21. What type and brand of dog food will you feed your dog? *

    Thank you for your application!

    Application submittal does not imply approval. These animals come to us because their previous owners can not, or do not, take care of them. This time, we want to do right by them and welcome your cooperation in our mission. The information you provide in this application and in your interview help us to determine which animals are best suited to you. We do not operate on a first come first served basis. And we will not adopt out any animal if we don't feel it is a good match for the adopter and the animal. There is typically a 24 hour wait period prior to a final decision to allow all to consider the financial, emotional and life style commitment being made. Thank you for joining us in caring for community pets.

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