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Secure your chocolate treats!

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Be sure to keep holiday chocolate treats  in a place where pets can't reach them; chocolate is highly toxic to both dogs and cats.Chocolate candy is a wonderful indulgence at this time of year — but only for people. Remember that chocolate is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Its aroma is attractive and if a dog can figure out a way to get to it, he will! Cats usually will not eat chocolate on their own, but dogs will.
This time last year, one of our BrightSide alumni dogs managed to open a closed door to a room where some chocolate candies were kept and ate enough to make herself very seriously ill, requiring hospitalization. Chocolate can cause abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures, and death. It was a close call! Our alum easily could have died if her alert owners had not sought treatment immediately.
Be sure your holiday goodies are secured from your pets. A safe storage spot is an enclosed upper cabinet in your kitchen. Even dogs who are not “counter surfers” have been known to open lower cabinets, reach items on countertops, open shelves or tables. They can open closed doors even if they have never done so before. Don’t take a chance with your pets’ safety.

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