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Shunee finally finds a home

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Regal cat Shunee had been at BrightSide more than 1,200 days but now has found the right home. Who knew that today would be the day that our beloved Shunee, feline resident at Brightside for 1,244 days,got adopted! YES you read that right.. 1,244 days. Shunee was surrendered to us 3 years, 4 months, and 27 days ago after her family of six years got a new kitten who didn’t get along with her. Instead of working with the issues or finding another fit for the kitten, poor Shunee was instead, given up. Shunee was a regal girl- and when we say regal we really mean a queen (making us her servants at every beck and meow.. but if we’re being honest, we really didn’t mind!).Due to her not liking the companionship of other cats, over time it became harder and harder for her to show her true lovable colors, and so she waited and waited for her king… until today, when he finally came along! Now Shunee will have her very own castle to live in, and rule all to herself. We give our warmest Congratulations to Richard on his lovely new feline companion, and to Shunee, our forever favorite ruler over BrightSide.

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