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Thank you Nick for this great story on SID! Sorry it did not work out for yo…

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Thank you Nick for this great story on SID! Sorry it did not work out for you to adopt him but maybe this will help find him that special home!Photos of Brightside Animal CenterMy dog of the week: Sid was brought to me about 3 weeks ago by a man out in Powell Butte. He said he wandered onto his farm and got along with his three dogs so he let him stay. The man noticed a nylon rope tied around sids neck he had been tied up and left at such a young age the rope had to be surgically removed from his neck. The man paid for all his surgery's and had him full vaccinated before bringing him in as a stray. People still have a heart, he also dropped him off with a fresh bag of dog food collar and leash. The man that found him and rehabilitated him into the amazing shape he's in today in just one month's time, told me he would have kept sid but unfortunately he did not get along with his chickens or livestock in general. I have personally taken this dog home on my workdays to interact with my dogs and see how he is in a home setting. He is very skittish to new or very loud noises you can tell he has not heard or been around a lot of normal things that would not startle your average dog. He is more so curious about things then he is scared. I personally would have adopted him myself had I later found out he has aggression issues towards cats as well. Dog on dog behavior is somewhat up to him, he got along great with my three girl dogs in a 24 hour period they all free rooms in and out of the house off leashes with each other and played. We have seen sid show aggression towards another male dog doesn't mean every male dog, just some. He is very well mannered he can sit and shake and give hugs. He is very potty trained, not a fence jumper or digger. He is a bit uneasy around 15lbs- dogs and kids under 5. 2-3 years old, Complete shot in the dark on breed as we have so little information about him I would say some sort of shepherd mix with pitbull. He is a sweetheart and shy at first around new people but once he warms up to you he is so loyal walks right next to you on a leash and is very affectionate. Ask about sid at brightside animal center

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: Thank you Nick for this great story on SID!

Sorry it did not work out for yo…

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