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Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! Ever since Sophie came into BrightS…

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Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! Ever since Sophie came into BrightSide as a stray, she has been deeply cared about by our staff. After her first adoption resulted in her being returned to us we were very picky about who would get the opportunity to have her in their life. Reading your update has reaffirmed our decision to be picky about who we adopt the animals who come through our doors. We were very touched and very teary eyed by your update. Sophie's smile is beautiful! Thank you for giving Sophie your love and for giving her the opportunity to be a friend we all knew she would be.Photos of Brightside Animal CenterLate last year I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Following my complete hysterectomy, my doctor suggested an emotional support animal to get me through the rough times. My husband and I had our sights set on Sophie from the beginning as she was described as a 'couch potato' and I was recovering from surgery. Weeks of paperwork and approval later, our Sophie was still at the shelter and, we learned later that we arrived about 10 minutes before another couple who was looking to adopt her. During our meet and greet, we were warned that she wasn't very social and sat by the door waiting to get out of the room for all of her other interviews during her month long stay at Brightside. The first moment that she came in she sat right by my side. We had instant chemistry and decided right away that she was the one for us. We were warned and warned and warned again that she would try to escape any chance she got. We started trusting each other a little bit at a time, and now I'm proud to report that we can leave the door open and she'll stay put! She comes running back to me every time she is off leash, and nearly takes me out at the knees because she runs so fast! She used to not like getting her picture taken or eating around people, but she has quickly adjusted. The first picture is from her stay at Brightside, the second is her at the park last month. She has proven to be a shoulder to cry on, a reason to smile, an attentive nurse, an exercise buddy and a girls best friend! :] Thank you, Brightside, for completing our family when all hope looked lost.

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: Thank you SO much for sharing this with us! Ever since Sophie came into BrightS…
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