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The little border collie that could. Sam came to us as an owner surrender –…

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The little border collie that could. Sam came to us as an owner surrender — he had been bullied by the other dogs in the home, was an escape artist, and had been tied up outside. The owner wanted better for little Sam and brought him to us. Well, the first day in "the yard", Sam managed to climb out of his chain link kennel, climb out of our chain link fencing, and roam around Redmond for hours. We only knew he had gone when the Redmond police showed up and asked us if we had lost a dog? Huh? Oops….Security was scrutinized and tightened and Sam thereafter was in a covered kennel, scared, and pretty much staying in his dogloo all day. What to do with shyboy Sam….Along came Sylvia, a Bed resident, and she fell in love with Sam and it seemed, vice versa. Sylvia and her husband are nice, kind, and peaceful — just what Sam needed. Rose, our new adoption coordinator, thought it was a worthy match and signed off. Turns out, two weeks into the adoption, Rose was right — it is worthy match. Please read Sylvia's latest report below: "Hi Brightside, We are SO happy to have Lundy (formerly Sam) in our lives! We had company stay with us over the weekend and he is so well socialized with humans, that he quickly won over our "cat people" friends. It's so funny… we didn't want to leave him at home alone until we feel he is feeling confident about his surroundings, so we asked my brother if he would mind coming over and staying with him while we went to a doctor's appointment. When we got home, there was my brother, fast asleep on the floor with Lundy cuddling with him. We decided that Lundy is a great "uncle sitter"! The very first day, when I introduced him to his crate, I did as you suggested… put a few treats in there and he went in with no problem.. I left the door open and he came out after a while. Then, I was sitting at the computer and he walked right into the crate and curled up…he seemed so comfortable that I invited him in there at night, and closed the door, and not a whimper… he's been sleeping in it ever since, and when I am at the computer, he prefers to sleep in there! He also has a larger bed in the living room, where he is relegated when we are eating. He is doing a great job of training me though… I had left a block of butter on the counter, and he had gotten it down on the floor, and had finished off about half of it before I saw him! We will be signing up for training classes shortly and Jim has purchased the materials to build him an adjustable agility jump. Ciao for now! Sylvia" We loved Sam and now love Sylvia and her husband. Please see Lundy's Home-Depot-shopping-for-agility-equipment-photo and …. shout out loud to our own Ms. Rose — Great match, girlfriend!!!!!

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: The little border collie that could.

Sam came to us as an owner surrender –…

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