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The reason for shelters “Dear Brightside: We found Astro at a gas station in M…

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The reason for shelters "Dear Brightside: We found Astro at a gas station in Madras. It was very late at night and we were trying to get to SunRiver from Portland. We got stuck in Madras due to the heavy snow and kept this guy with us overnight. We found him taking shelter under the gas station pump roof, which was not much coverage. He was actually trying to get into my SUV, which was pretty cute. He was shaking beyond belief his paws were like blocks of ice. We wrapped him in a towel and shirt and I hel tightly until we found a motel. I literally felt like I was dethawing him when I got him in front of the heater in the car. He was very lethargic and I wasn't sure how long it had been since his last meal so I wasn't sure he was going to make it through the night. He pulled through and was such a delight to have. As shown in your foster home's video, he was having some skin issues and itching a lot. Besides that he just looked like he needed some food, medicine, and love. Looks like you have that covered. Thank you for taking him, he no doubt would not have made it through the night. Please keep me updated on his situation. Thank you for everything." This is one story that occurs in shelters; there are many others that run the gamut from responsible pet owners who have suffered a calamity and ask us to responsibly rehome their beloved pet; from holding police/sheriff seizure cases; to the stray dog found by the wayside whose owner frantically calls to see if we have her in our custody and runs to reclaim her; to the neighborhood woman who traps feral cats, brings them to us to alter, and then takes them home to release and feed. In our part of Central Oregon we are lucky to have great shelters in Bend (Humane Society of Central Oregon), Prineville (Humane Society of the Ochocos), Madras (Three Rivers Humane Society), and Redmond (Brightside Animal Center). We all operate in pursuit of the public agenda of caring for the community pets; and do so with a few small and complimentary differences. We are non-profits, funded in large part by public donation; and we operate because of you, for you, and with you. Astro, for one, thanks you.

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"Dear Brightside:
We found Astro at a gas station in M…

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