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The Tail of a Fuzzbutt There are so many animals that come into our shelter wit…

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The Tail of a Fuzzbutt There are so many animals that come into our shelter with medical issues and here at BrightSide our mission is to give each of them a chance towards life either via medical treatment or via our fospice program, no matter how short that life may be. Here is a story from one of our foster parents about one of our littlest who is facing the fight of her life at the moment- Meet Ms. Fuzzbutt, our little foster who is a story that has brought many tears but I'm glad she ended up with us. We got x-rays back this afternoon and its bad. Unfortunately this cute little thing has a heart murmur. At only 6 weeks old you would never know it except for her getting a little winded after she plays for 15 minutes, unlike other kittens we have fostered. We have known since day one that she was awesome but also there was something off. She doesn't have long according to Doc but you just don't know how long. We are going to take it day by day and since she is happy right now then that's great. If at any point she isn't then we will reevaluate things at that point or one day her heart might give up. It's so big Doc didn't see her having enough time to get spayed like a normal kitty. So we decided that in that case, she must know she has a family that loves her in the time she has left. So she immediately and officially became part of the family and we have decided to adopt her. We have completely fallen for her while fostering but had hoped she was going to have a lifetime of health and happiness in a forever home after getting adopted by a loving family. With each little pounce she makes and every zoom around the room I can't help but smile. We are going to make sure each day she has left she knows we love her and her little fuzzy butt. There are so many like Ms. Fuzzbutt that need medical treatment, foster homes, or just need a little love from a volunteer each day. This holiday season, think of becoming part of BrightSide to help the animals of Central Oregon get the love and care they need, no matter how big or small they are. On behalf of Ms. Fuzzbutt, and all of the animals and staff here at the shelter Happy Holidays everyone!

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: The Tail of a Fuzzbutt

There are so many animals that come into our shelter wit…

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