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This heat is no joke

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A dog posing in sunglasses is funny, but the extreme heat is no joke.TALK ABOUT DOG DAYS OF SUMMER! This heat is no joke for your dog and other outdoor animals. PLEASE:
-Make sure your pets have access to shade and plenty of water
-Be mindful that streets and sidewalks will be VERY hot, so walking your dog on them can burn paws. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their pads!
-Leave your dog at home! In this heat, temps inside a parked vehicle become deadly FAST.
-If you spot a dog in a parked car, try to find the owner and call 911 and/or animal control. If the animal appears in dire distress before help arrives, Oregon law now allows citizens to break a window to free them, but using no more force than necessary and only AFTER you contact law enforcement.
Be safe!!

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