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This one’s for you, Kennel Care Staff and Dog Walkers!

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This one's for you, Kennel Care Staff and Dog Walkers! We got middle-aged Gino in early to mid- 2012 from a San Diego rescue who had pulled him from a high-kill shelter and then kept him in a crate much of the day….We then adopted him out a couple times only to have him quickly come "home" to us — he is a highly intelligent, proud, picky gentleman who tests limits as a life amusement. We cared for and walked him forever it seems….he was a fixture in the kennels and he got to know up close and personal many many women … and a few guys. We then put him in the training group where he acquired a definite taste for hot dogs…and was a quick, albeit stubborn, study. For all you teachers, Gino is the guy in the back row of the class, feet on the chair, mocking you behind your back….yet ace-ing the tests when he remembers to bring a pencil. Over the year-plus Gino proved to us he is who he is and not much is gonna change that. So along came Jeanine and her husband from California who fell in love with the boy via photo and video. They drove up last weekend, said "hi", put him in the truck, and went back to California. These people are veteran chow owners and looked amused at all our warnings of Gino's pecadillos….They sent photos of Gino in their home and we couldn't be happier for Gino and for them (and, yes, we did send again all kinds of warnings about Gino's craftiness). Gino is a cool dude and it looks like he found his home. Thanks Jeanine and Kevin, we love you. … and a special thank you to Ali, Gino's long time walker and foster mom, for never-ever giving up on this guy.

Originally posted at Brightside Animal Center’s Facebook Wall: This one's for you, Kennel Care Staff and Dog Walkers!

We got middle-aged Gin…

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