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Here’s how you can donate to BrightSide without spending a dime

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Yes, it’s true. You can make an important financial contribution to help the animals at BrightSide without writing a check. How is that possible? It’s easy. Just do what you normally do.

Start with Freddie’s

Fred Meyer Community RewardsDo you normally shop at Fred Meyer? If you live in the Northwest, we bet you do. Market surveys have found that the average adult in Deschutes County visits a Fred Meyer store at least four times a month. If you shop there, you probably have a Rewards card. If you don’t, get one, it’s free!
Fred Meyer uses the designations of its Rewards-card customers to determine how to allocate its charitable contributions to nonprofits. So when you tie your Rewards card to a nonprofit such as BrightSide, you are voting to give Fred Meyer donations to BrightSide. The more you spend at Freddie’s, the more they will donate to BrightSide. You still get your rewards in your personal account. But BrightSide benefits too.
Go to to sign up. In the nonprofit search box, enter “BrightSide” or our ID number, 92246. That’s it! Beginning with your next purchase, you’ll be helping to send donations to BrightSide.

Join Amazon’s Smile Program

Amazon Smile logoDo you shop at Who doesn’t? You can make passive donations to BrightSide there, too. Just go to the Amazon Smile program and choose BrightSide as your charity (this will show up as Humane Society of Redmond, dba BrightSide Animal Center). For every purchase you make at Amazon, one-half of 1 percent will be donated to BrightSide by the online retailer.

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